La Bday at Le Rock

Friday, December 19, 2008

Last sat night(13th of December) we planned to treat some of our friends at Le-rock(Brigade road,Opposite to Pecos).... the occasion- we both were celebrating our 25th birthday(25 sounds so damn OLD sigh!!)!!.lol... we have become Oldies, it!.. :( Ashwin had some IT meet at capitol hill with his colleagues so he joined us late. we entered the place at around 7.45.
The Entry charges were just 600 bucks/couple and 400 bucks/stag entries,Which was quite affordable when compared to other places at Brigade road.And they gave coupons for the entire amount in return as well!So, ideal place to treat!! hehehhehhehe

Sorry no food picz this time for a change!Although we ordered:Prawn cocktail, Fried cheese balls, Mushroom balls, Honey Fried chicken, Chilly chicken

That's Sam,filling up his mug of Beer:

The Beer Plant???! lol
Errr...dont know what to call that Big huge freakin 3 litres:

Thats mendon tendon with margarita .. Guess it was spicy or something!hehe!!!

The Rest of the pack:Saahi,Sam,Sri!

The other few:Myself,Sachin and Adnan.

That's uchiha Ashwin(The late corner), hehehehhe.. sam and partially visible sri.

saahi, sri and mendon....

Dj Anonym
ous,Dont know his name though..haha! (Had a descent collection of songs,but was getting constantly bugged by the overwhelming requests from the people around!)


SAM and SRI(Will be getting invitations soon with similar text! hehehhe)

All in all a good weekend,25 years worth of Beer Gulping is already done! still a long way to go,lots a Barrels to finish!heheh :-)

Evolution of the Sugar Cane juice.!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Right from my Schooldays there was one place i would always approach to quench my thirst
"The sugar cane juice center"! The only drink that's really soothing in the scortching heat,Or when your throat dries up,A Big mug of suga
r cane juice .Yes 100% Natural and Healthy...
So i finished my dinner and was hoping to have a juic
e as usual.When i just passed by the Bull temple road next to the area where i live, i saw this big Juice centre called Cane-O-La,sounded wierd,hehe..looked a bit HI-Fi for a damned sugar cane juice centre.So i immediately rushed in and there was a list of six flavours of only Cane juice!What the!!!

4)Salt and Pepper

6)Chat Masala
And any thing,any flavour would cost just 10 bucks!!!
As usual whenever i enter a place for the first few times i never take the risk of ordering something unusual ,yea...thats me...(Learnt from hell lots of bad

So i went for the "Natural" one,And there it was...immediately in a matter of 10 seconds,All ready..all set to gulp..Man o man..gone are the days when we used to wait for the juice for like 10-15 minutes amidst the noisy machine that the shop keeper used to run,Almost used to sound like a generator!!!!
The operators of the new and sophisticated machines were supposed to wear plastic gloves which assured "No human Touch",The ice cubes that they provided were also Food grade ones.This place was even Air conditioned!!!!!! Wohoo..
All in all a relishing experience that i had ,They even have branches at:

Jayanagar 9th Block (Next to SSMRV)
R T Nagar
Near BDA complex in Banashankari 2nd Stage
Ajay,sorry dude...Ain't there in Koramangala!! :-)

The incomparable "SHAWARMA" experience!!!!..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If the evening meal had a "fake" named burger on the menu!!! the dinner that i planned was something illusionary as well! Yes,we then proceeded towards koramangala where i stay to the place where me and my cousin Bro visit often.I
would call the dinner what we had as
illusionary coz it was actually like that!!!
This place is called "Kabab Magic" and i would say that the name perfectly goes with what it has to offer! We decided to give it a go to one of the food item which was like the most loved one by all of us back in manipal, "The shawarma".
The food it had on display was indeed mouth watering!
So we went ahead and ordered for 2 shawarmas (the waiting ..etc etc) aahh,although we had to kinda wait for the orders to arrive...when we got it, the wai
t was totally worth it!!!
When we had the first
go at the shawarma,i thought "this is heaven wrapped in a
roomali roti!!!"it was ammaazing!!!..After finishing the shawarma we went ahead and ordered a roomali roti +
chicken curry combo! Roomali roti combo was same as shawarma(in disguise)hehhe,it was worth of what we paid ... (40 bucks yo!). The desire for the roomali roti was still not fulfilled,what did we do?yess.....ordered one more!!haha( i know that was too much of roomali for a day!!phewwww). And then came the best of all,the special drink....."The The The Grape juice,I would rather call it Grape Blasstt!!!!"
It had everything that no other drink can offer,the taste was really soothing and the pulp was awesomely sweet.All in all,this place indeed made us go hocus-pocus with what food they had to offer .Its a known fact that in Bangalore every eat out place that offers good food,is by default expensive as $hit.But this place totally breaks the jinx,it provides u all the shawarmas,the kebabs,the roti combos,the variety of tandoori stuff and a price which is not at all heavy on your pockets!

Haa,and we would like to use this post as an opportunity to let know one of our good friend Pavitra Acharya.
One of the best foodies..hehe. A cheese fanatic(she craves for food) that we are waiting for your arrival (supposed to be here on the 21st of December) from Eindhoven,Netherlands!!!come soon yo!
"And ya this time we'll surely take you to MTR!" :-)

The "Bluffed" KFC , called BFC!!!!

Fake shoes,Fake shirts,Fake perfumes!!!hmm,Guess we people in Bangalore are used to all of that by now.....But "FOOD",that too "KFC",a renowned brand world wide for food! This is something interesting....
I'm not stating that the food is the content that's avai
lable in this place called "BFC" -- BigBoy Fried surely a copy of KFC.These people not only ape the looks and the taste of the items,even the freakin names!!!!!Beat that!!!!!
I mean consider this one example : Zinger burger (KFC) = Zi
nker Burger(BFC) ,And numerology has nothing to do with this,hehhehehe.
Last weekend (sunday evening) I suggested Ajay that we visit this place,It was stuck in my head since the time I had visited HSR Layout(near Agara lake,Silk board) located in Bangalore!
WE visited this place with a thought in our mind that:
"Everything will be the same except for the nam
But got outta that place with this thought:

"Everything was lame including the name"!!!
Hmm.....WE both reached there...and to our surprise,this was not just an outlet sorta thing,but a fully fledged "FAMILY RESTAURANT"....ohhh MY god!

That was the first sight of the place when we got down from the Car,We were like "what the!!! this is funny"
Then we entered the place ,sadly got a table in some Family hall.(Tolerating all of this) we went ahead and ordered the following:

The Phoney Zinger Burger ...the "Zinker Burger",It looked the same as the original,but the taste was not even close to that of the actual one!

The next item on our plates were the Finger chips(French Fries),Smaller in size,when compared to KFC,And hell lot oily!!!

Ahhh,How can i forget the chicken strips,thankfully not renamed to convinence..were still chicken strips....(The same as the finger chips!! heavily oily and the covering was not that crispy also)!!

And finally "coke"...was still "coke" by god's grace!! hehe.

A sneak peak at the menu consisting of what they had to offer:

Other than the above menu items there were couple of other North Indian Items,Kababs,Tandoor items as well! lol....kinda funny!
Thats how you add "Swadeshi " spice to "Videshi"stuff,All in all a good trick pulled off,anyway its believed that Creativity and Money making go hand in hand...hehe.And this concept indeed was creativity at its peak !!!
After all of this we proceeded to have the actual dinner for that night, about which my pal Ajay will be writing soon,Stay tuned :-)

Spartans...what is your profession??? errrr....eating!!! lol

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Two friends Ian n Anthony fight to death to prove which of their favorite food is superior.Its sooo phunny....check it out ,you'll love it!!!!

2006, whn it all began..!

2007, the battle continues...

2008, it goes on n on

The Forest burp!!!!!! Part-II the Riversedge experience,The spice of nature!

Friday, December 5, 2008

The two things i never get fed up of smelling are
1)The aroma of the steamingly hot food prepared at home! be it anything!!! (home made stufff rockkss)
2)The smell of the wet land around immediately after the first few rains!
Ahemmm,yes...So these two points drills down this post to two things i love the most in this world:
Food!!!(duh) and Nature,I'm so passionate about both.
Okay,so my last week was a heavy dosage of both the essentials Nature and Food,It was a perfect blend of both....The previous part of the same topic was my journey uptil the Riversedge resort in shivanasamudra.continues...................
So then,we reached this resort..from the outside it didn't draw my attention that much.This is what it looked like from the outside-

But to my surprise the interiors were freakin mind blowing!!

These were the rooms within the resort,really cool,pleasent and so damn cozy!

Hours passed by after we had our breakfast at Kamat,The hunger alarms were ringing again!!!
yes it was lunch time!!!And this time the lunch was arranged by the resort itself:

Although a simple looking meal,But seriously speaking ...this was one of the best Rice plate i had since loong time!!!! the items were similar to a Rice plate but with Extra non veg in it,There was White Rice,Sambhar,Pappad,And the best out of it all,yes: chicken sukka!!!!!!!!Burrrp...
After the lunch we had a dip into the near by river which had the water flowing from the humongous waterfalls Gaganachukki( Gaganachukki and Bharachukki are 2 of the waterfalls in shivanasumdra):
This was how the river looked like :

This dip was so soothing,trust me the more you keep yourself dipped into the water the more you feel relaxed,I was in the water for almost one and a half hours!!beat that!!
But it had to come to an end! sadly :( :( :(

The night which followed had something in store that i experienced for the first time in my life:
yes,"A BARBEQUE IN THE WILD".sorry..but didnt know what else to call it..hehehe

This was one of the pics of the barbecue i could get,the rest are a bit blur!!! was mouth watering!!!!!! hehehe...The chicken was tender and was marinated well!! This is what i call "spice of the nature"!!
And there was also...loads and loads of "BOOOZE"",hehehhee:

Phew!!! that was a long day!!and the end of the Day 1 at riversedge.

There was some visit to the falls (Day 2 )early in the morning"it seems",hehe...but i was sleeping my a$$ out....and got up directly for the breakfast,
And there it was......all breakfast plate!

A probable remark for the breakfast would be "awesome"!!! hehe,It was again a typical south indian breakfast ,consisting of Idly,vada,sambhar,chutney and Pongal!!!sigh! too good!
After the breakfast we just got together and had some funny chat,a bit of rest!An said our farewell to the RiversEdge people! Trust me they were really good hosts!!Everything in those 2 days was arranged in a timely manner!
Do check the webiste of riversedge :
Then around late evening we set our way back to Bangalore and had two more pitstops!! lol...yet again for food!!!hehehhehe.....One of them gave me an opportunity to taste "the" item Mysore and other places around are famous for i.e "THE MADDUR VADA",We stopped at a place called Hanchina mane!

This was it!!finally what i was dying to taste!!Maddur Vada!! hehe

And the other pitstop was to taste a famous place on the highway back to Bangalore called the "Taj Biryani Paradise"

Since everyone was tired we ordered a bit less!! But whatever he had (meaning Chicken Biryani and Chicken Kabab)
Again it was worth the price and worth a try!!!

WE quickly finished our plates and headed back!!!I was dropped back to the point from where i was picked!!! ahhh....then what! i caught an auto....went back home!!and ...slept!!!hahahha

Well,that was a long weekend i had..i swear it was one of a kind experience! Well i would like to conclude by saying : "Finish off whatever your plate has to offer you,coz food is not something that should be wasted,But dont do the same with Nature! coz Nature is something that needs to be preserved!" :-)

Go nuts with Donuts!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It was Ajay's birthday and we decided to be silent for the time being since it was a weekday and keep all the fun reserved for the weekend to come,So we decided to hit the Donut store in Brigade Road called the "Donut Baker" ,

It was an amazing experience to have the favourite food of every Cop in US(every movie i watch they have a freakin donut in their hand,Seems like donut is their staple
So anyway we entered this store and were startled looking at the variety of donuts they had in their display,It was ammmmmma
aaaazing!! A perfect item for people with sweet tooth.hehe .
A perfect place to taste every sorta donut thats available that too in India,That too in Bangalore!!!!!
There were just a few of them on display,since we were a bit late guess everything got sold out!!!
The chocolate ones!!!! Chocolate is one thing i just drool on!!!!!

There were even donuts with Strawberry and Blueberry filling in them!!! Trust me these look so yummy at first sight!!!

Then there were even Honey dipped ones!!! freakin awesome!!

We quickly filled our plates with whatever looked worth giving a try:

That's Ajay- the Badddayy Boy with his share of donuts!!!!

And That's me with my share of the yummy stuff!!! (well,not the birthday boy :( :( )

The whole donut experience was really good!!! And the DONUT BAKER even claims to serve donuts prepared on daily basis!! As their slogan says "Gourmet Donuts...Made Fresh Daily!! " ,So thats an additional feature to this place too.
The place served donuts at affordable prices too.The only disadvantage being :There's no variety of beverages available.But other than that i would say its the perfect place for people with sweet tooth.So,whenever you feel like having a bite of the world famous dessert called "Donut" you know there's a place located right at the heart of the City!!!!!

We would also like to take this post as an opportunity to Congratulate one of our best buddies "Mehaal" who's in Netherlands studying and partying his a$$ out!!!!
"Dude,Heartly congratulations for your Placement in the Philips Research!!,We would'nt say do well and stuff coz we know you will!!

That's him,we know he'll look at this pic and get pissed off at us hehehhe.... "Dude this was the last we saw of you!" , we're going to seriously empty his pockets once he's back!!!!! (treat treat treat!! that's wht it's gonna be like!!! ) And FYI people,,He had a senti weep just before clicking this pic!!! hahahhahahahhahhaha....we still find it funny though :-)

The Forest burp!!!!!! Part-I(The breafkast pitstop and the journey upto the RiversEdge resort.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Haaaaa! while Ajay was busy satisfying his taste buds with the entire sea on his plate,I was on my way to Shivanasamudra.This place is basically known for the falls,the natural beauty and the Electricity generating plants..etc etc .....It was a trip organised by my colleagues,I was expecting all in all a good weekend!!! But to my suprise this trip turned out to be a great one .This place is around 140 kms away from Bangalore(located in the Mandya district) close to Mysore.The journey is not at all stressful,Thanks to the Bangalore-Mysore Highway..the whole drive was pretty smooth.We started at around 9,And by around 10 AM everyone in the freakin bus were hungry and were crying put for a pitstop to have breakfast.So we stopped at Kamat,A place very well known for its awesome breakfast!!And there i actually put my taste buds to test,coz i heard many things about this place,Wanted to check out myself! The place was indeed worth a visit!!! We had a heavy filling breakfast..I concluded in my mind.. "No matter wht, South Indian breakfast is the best option any time of the year"!!! We had ordered the typical South Indian breakfast :

Well ,we started off with a Masala Dosa(indeed amazingly crispy one just like i had ordered)

Continued with Vada Sambhar! yet another typical south indian breakfast Item which is very famous throughout!

And,finished with a sweet..Kesari Bath,A dessert
perfectly suited for people who love Ghee,Cashews,sugar etc etc Blah blah!!

The man the machine,The waiter who served us all(a group of 18 at once)!!!!! Trust me he never forgets anything! Gotto test his memory again someday.

There were lots of other shops which sold Handicrafts in them within the hotel compound,Good ones.the items were worth the price unlike the other places in Bangalore!!!

We continued the journey from there with filled stomachs! lol and i put the most useful gadget ever in the history of mankind to use :The freakin Tooth pick!!!!!!!! Trust me thats one thing i never forget to carry!There were still a couple of milestones to cover until we reached the resort:RIVERSEDGE located at shivanasamudra,which was claimed to be one of the best ones there,Stay tuned :-)
And ya,Ajay -Wish you a Happppppy Birthday!!!