The incomparable "SHAWARMA" experience!!!!..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If the evening meal had a "fake" named burger on the menu!!! the dinner that i planned was something illusionary as well! Yes,we then proceeded towards koramangala where i stay to the place where me and my cousin Bro visit often.I
would call the dinner what we had as
illusionary coz it was actually like that!!!
This place is called "Kabab Magic" and i would say that the name perfectly goes with what it has to offer! We decided to give it a go to one of the food item which was like the most loved one by all of us back in manipal, "The shawarma".
The food it had on display was indeed mouth watering!
So we went ahead and ordered for 2 shawarmas (the waiting ..etc etc) aahh,although we had to kinda wait for the orders to arrive...when we got it, the wai
t was totally worth it!!!
When we had the first
go at the shawarma,i thought "this is heaven wrapped in a
roomali roti!!!"it was ammaazing!!!..After finishing the shawarma we went ahead and ordered a roomali roti +
chicken curry combo! Roomali roti combo was same as shawarma(in disguise)hehhe,it was worth of what we paid ... (40 bucks yo!). The desire for the roomali roti was still not fulfilled,what did we do?yess.....ordered one more!!haha( i know that was too much of roomali for a day!!phewwww). And then came the best of all,the special drink....."The The The Grape juice,I would rather call it Grape Blasstt!!!!"
It had everything that no other drink can offer,the taste was really soothing and the pulp was awesomely sweet.All in all,this place indeed made us go hocus-pocus with what food they had to offer .Its a known fact that in Bangalore every eat out place that offers good food,is by default expensive as $hit.But this place totally breaks the jinx,it provides u all the shawarmas,the kebabs,the roti combos,the variety of tandoori stuff and a price which is not at all heavy on your pockets!

Haa,and we would like to use this post as an opportunity to let know one of our good friend Pavitra Acharya.
One of the best foodies..hehe. A cheese fanatic(she craves for food) that we are waiting for your arrival (supposed to be here on the 21st of December) from Eindhoven,Netherlands!!!come soon yo!
"And ya this time we'll surely take you to MTR!" :-)

The "Bluffed" KFC , called BFC!!!!

Fake shoes,Fake shirts,Fake perfumes!!!hmm,Guess we people in Bangalore are used to all of that by now.....But "FOOD",that too "KFC",a renowned brand world wide for food! This is something interesting....
I'm not stating that the food is the content that's avai
lable in this place called "BFC" -- BigBoy Fried surely a copy of KFC.These people not only ape the looks and the taste of the items,even the freakin names!!!!!Beat that!!!!!
I mean consider this one example : Zinger burger (KFC) = Zi
nker Burger(BFC) ,And numerology has nothing to do with this,hehhehehe.
Last weekend (sunday evening) I suggested Ajay that we visit this place,It was stuck in my head since the time I had visited HSR Layout(near Agara lake,Silk board) located in Bangalore!
WE visited this place with a thought in our mind that:
"Everything will be the same except for the nam
But got outta that place with this thought:

"Everything was lame including the name"!!!
Hmm.....WE both reached there...and to our surprise,this was not just an outlet sorta thing,but a fully fledged "FAMILY RESTAURANT"....ohhh MY god!

That was the first sight of the place when we got down from the Car,We were like "what the!!! this is funny"
Then we entered the place ,sadly got a table in some Family hall.(Tolerating all of this) we went ahead and ordered the following:

The Phoney Zinger Burger ...the "Zinker Burger",It looked the same as the original,but the taste was not even close to that of the actual one!

The next item on our plates were the Finger chips(French Fries),Smaller in size,when compared to KFC,And hell lot oily!!!

Ahhh,How can i forget the chicken strips,thankfully not renamed to convinence..were still chicken strips....(The same as the finger chips!! heavily oily and the covering was not that crispy also)!!

And finally "coke"...was still "coke" by god's grace!! hehe.

A sneak peak at the menu consisting of what they had to offer:

Other than the above menu items there were couple of other North Indian Items,Kababs,Tandoor items as well! lol....kinda funny!
Thats how you add "Swadeshi " spice to "Videshi"stuff,All in all a good trick pulled off,anyway its believed that Creativity and Money making go hand in hand...hehe.And this concept indeed was creativity at its peak !!!
After all of this we proceeded to have the actual dinner for that night, about which my pal Ajay will be writing soon,Stay tuned :-)