Java city..Just another cafe at Brigade Road???

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A probable answer would be...... NO,why??? Because of certain features about this place which you wouldn't find in many of the other cafes in Bangalore! Some of the features which compelled us to draw this conclusion about Java city were:
1) A sweet combination of x-Box and coffee!! how does that sound???????how many places in Bangalore would provide that sorta luxury?...i wonder!!!

2)If you ain't interested in X Box,they got some other card/board games too!!

3)A freakin free Pizza!! which gets listed in the Bill as RS 0.00 ...(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 none of these are the amounts i want to pay!! Russel peters!! hahahahhahaahhaaha)

4)Actual Extra Chocolate sauce when u ask for it!! a whole cup.(unlike other places wher they add chocolate sauce as if they are poisoning your Coffee cups or something..LOL)
We visited this place around a week ago,On a weekday though ...but the place was still crowded like any of the weekends! This was the whole gang who got together at Java City: Starting from left : Adnan,Saahitya,Sharma,Me,Nisha and AJ!! So here's a couple of items we ordered: A Mediterranean PiZZA(hope i spelt it right): Garlic Bread with Cheese: Cold Coffee and Chocolate sauce:



The yummy Free pizza(anonymous free pizza)
Got a snap of the place once we were about to leave and once the tables were vacated: Its located just a bit ahead of Amoeba(Bowling place) Brigade road. All in all a timepass place!!! If you are bored..(in a group i mean) and looking for a good place to hang out...this should probably be your next destination :-)