La Bday at Le Rock

Friday, December 19, 2008

Last sat night(13th of December) we planned to treat some of our friends at Le-rock(Brigade road,Opposite to Pecos).... the occasion- we both were celebrating our 25th birthday(25 sounds so damn OLD sigh!!)!!.lol... we have become Oldies, it!.. :( Ashwin had some IT meet at capitol hill with his colleagues so he joined us late. we entered the place at around 7.45.
The Entry charges were just 600 bucks/couple and 400 bucks/stag entries,Which was quite affordable when compared to other places at Brigade road.And they gave coupons for the entire amount in return as well!So, ideal place to treat!! hehehhehhehe

Sorry no food picz this time for a change!Although we ordered:Prawn cocktail, Fried cheese balls, Mushroom balls, Honey Fried chicken, Chilly chicken

That's Sam,filling up his mug of Beer:

The Beer Plant???! lol
Errr...dont know what to call that Big huge freakin 3 litres:

Thats mendon tendon with margarita .. Guess it was spicy or something!hehe!!!

The Rest of the pack:Saahi,Sam,Sri!

The other few:Myself,Sachin and Adnan.

That's uchiha Ashwin(The late corner), hehehehhe.. sam and partially visible sri.

saahi, sri and mendon....

Dj Anonym
ous,Dont know his name though..haha! (Had a descent collection of songs,but was getting constantly bugged by the overwhelming requests from the people around!)


SAM and SRI(Will be getting invitations soon with similar text! hehehhe)

All in all a good weekend,25 years worth of Beer Gulping is already done! still a long way to go,lots a Barrels to finish!heheh :-)