The Forest burp!!!!!! Part-I(The breafkast pitstop and the journey upto the RiversEdge resort.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Haaaaa! while Ajay was busy satisfying his taste buds with the entire sea on his plate,I was on my way to Shivanasamudra.This place is basically known for the falls,the natural beauty and the Electricity generating plants..etc etc .....It was a trip organised by my colleagues,I was expecting all in all a good weekend!!! But to my suprise this trip turned out to be a great one .This place is around 140 kms away from Bangalore(located in the Mandya district) close to Mysore.The journey is not at all stressful,Thanks to the Bangalore-Mysore Highway..the whole drive was pretty smooth.We started at around 9,And by around 10 AM everyone in the freakin bus were hungry and were crying put for a pitstop to have breakfast.So we stopped at Kamat,A place very well known for its awesome breakfast!!And there i actually put my taste buds to test,coz i heard many things about this place,Wanted to check out myself! The place was indeed worth a visit!!! We had a heavy filling breakfast..I concluded in my mind.. "No matter wht, South Indian breakfast is the best option any time of the year"!!! We had ordered the typical South Indian breakfast :

Well ,we started off with a Masala Dosa(indeed amazingly crispy one just like i had ordered)

Continued with Vada Sambhar! yet another typical south indian breakfast Item which is very famous throughout!

And,finished with a sweet..Kesari Bath,A dessert
perfectly suited for people who love Ghee,Cashews,sugar etc etc Blah blah!!

The man the machine,The waiter who served us all(a group of 18 at once)!!!!! Trust me he never forgets anything! Gotto test his memory again someday.

There were lots of other shops which sold Handicrafts in them within the hotel compound,Good ones.the items were worth the price unlike the other places in Bangalore!!!

We continued the journey from there with filled stomachs! lol and i put the most useful gadget ever in the history of mankind to use :The freakin Tooth pick!!!!!!!! Trust me thats one thing i never forget to carry!There were still a couple of milestones to cover until we reached the resort:RIVERSEDGE located at shivanasamudra,which was claimed to be one of the best ones there,Stay tuned :-)
And ya,Ajay -Wish you a Happppppy Birthday!!!

Deep fried sea...!

You are in bangalore and you are in the mood for some authentic Konkani cuisine then KUBAY is just the place for u.Ashwin was busy tasting nature in the meanwhile me and my friend found this perfect opprtunity(ashwin is allergic to sea food!) to try out some coastal cuisines. Situated on Koramangla club road,Kubay is the place to head for
tryst with sea food and authentic coastal cuisine.It serves
authentic coastal cuisine stretching from goa to mangalore. Its trademark is its home-made masalas and home style cooking of all delicacies which get you the flavor of the dish as it would have been traditionally served in a home in the region. The restaurant has on its menu some rare recipies which are hard to come across in Bangalore and has a seating capacity for 40 people at a time.

The soups are all clear,we tried their specialty special sea food soup which is light and a mix of prawn, crab, fish and squid meat, seasoned with pepper such all th 4 meat flavors spur the appetite and definitely a recommended appetizer.The menu offers an extensive choice of seafood
like prawns sukka,p
epper prawns,butter garlic prawns, shrimp buter garlic,pomfret fry, kaane(lady fish) fry,cheese & pepper crab,crab sukka. We ordered pomfret fry, butter garlic prawns and prawn masala. The fish was not deep fried and just to my liking. The prawns were soft n spicy ,loved them.
For the main course we ordered
two plates of idiappams(semige) a plate of
sanna's(mangalore idly) and panpoles(neerdosa)along with khori ghasi(mangalorean chicken curry) and prawn curry, it was so splendid that it reminded of my mom's cooking back home.
For beverage theres not much options to choose from, there is no alcohol
or milkshakes.We ordered cocum(punaarpuli) juice which was good and refreshing. The dessert section is also minimal and you get to choose between caramel custard and cheesecake,no ice-creams. We opted for custard and it was simple and tasteful just like one would prepare at home.The service was prompt the ambiance was cheerful n the price was very reasonable.
Will visit once again with Ashwin to try out some of the chicken delicacies. ;-)