Go nuts with Donuts!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It was Ajay's birthday and we decided to be silent for the time being since it was a weekday and keep all the fun reserved for the weekend to come,So we decided to hit the Donut store in Brigade Road called the "Donut Baker" ,

It was an amazing experience to have the favourite food of every Cop in US(every movie i watch they have a freakin donut in their hand,Seems like donut is their staple food..lol)
So anyway we entered this store and were startled looking at the variety of donuts they had in their display,It was ammmmmma
aaaazing!! A perfect item for people with sweet tooth.hehe .
A perfect place to taste every sorta donut thats available that too in India,That too in Bangalore!!!!!
There were just a few of them on display,since we were a bit late guess everything got sold out!!!
The chocolate ones!!!! Chocolate is one thing i just drool on!!!!!

There were even donuts with Strawberry and Blueberry filling in them!!! Trust me these look so yummy at first sight!!!

Then there were even Honey dipped ones!!! freakin awesome!!

We quickly filled our plates with whatever looked worth giving a try:

That's Ajay- the Badddayy Boy with his share of donuts!!!!

And That's me with my share of the yummy stuff!!! (well,not the birthday boy :( :( )

The whole donut experience was really good!!! And the DONUT BAKER even claims to serve donuts prepared on daily basis!! As their slogan says "Gourmet Donuts...Made Fresh Daily!! " ,So thats an additional feature to this place too.
The place served donuts at affordable prices too.The only disadvantage being :There's no variety of beverages available.But other than that i would say its the perfect place for people with sweet tooth.So,whenever you feel like having a bite of the world famous dessert called "Donut" you know there's a place located right at the heart of the City!!!!!

We would also like to take this post as an opportunity to Congratulate one of our best buddies "Mehaal" who's in Netherlands studying and partying his a$$ out!!!!
"Dude,Heartly congratulations for your Placement in the Philips Research!!,We would'nt say do well and stuff coz we know you will!!

That's him,we know he'll look at this pic and get pissed off at us hehehhe.... "Dude this was the last we saw of you!" , we're going to seriously empty his pockets once he's back!!!!! (treat treat treat!! that's wht it's gonna be like!!! ) And FYI people,,He had a senti weep just before clicking this pic!!! hahahhahahahhahhaha....we still find it funny though :-)