Evolution of the Sugar Cane juice.!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Right from my Schooldays there was one place i would always approach to quench my thirst
"The sugar cane juice center"! The only drink that's really soothing in the scortching heat,Or when your throat dries up,A Big mug of suga
r cane juice .Yes 100% Natural and Healthy...
So i finished my dinner and was hoping to have a juic
e as usual.When i just passed by the Bull temple road next to the area where i live, i saw this big Juice centre called Cane-O-La,sounded wierd,hehe..looked a bit HI-Fi for a damned sugar cane juice centre.So i immediately rushed in and there was a list of six flavours of only Cane juice!What the!!!

4)Salt and Pepper

6)Chat Masala
And any thing,any flavour would cost just 10 bucks!!!
As usual whenever i enter a place for the first few times i never take the risk of ordering something unusual ,yea...thats me...(Learnt from hell lots of bad experiences..lol..)

So i went for the "Natural" one,And there it was...immediately in a matter of 10 seconds,All ready..all set to gulp..Man o man..gone are the days when we used to wait for the juice for like 10-15 minutes amidst the noisy machine that the shop keeper used to run,Almost used to sound like a generator!!!!
The operators of the new and sophisticated machines were supposed to wear plastic gloves which assured "No human Touch",The ice cubes that they provided were also Food grade ones.This place was even Air conditioned!!!!!! Wohoo..
All in all a relishing experience that i had ,They even have branches at:

Jayanagar 9th Block (Next to SSMRV)
R T Nagar
Near BDA complex in Banashankari 2nd Stage
Ajay,sorry dude...Ain't there in Koramangala!! :-)