The Forest burp!!!!!! Part-II the Riversedge experience,The spice of nature!

Friday, December 5, 2008

The two things i never get fed up of smelling are
1)The aroma of the steamingly hot food prepared at home! be it anything!!! (home made stufff rockkss)
2)The smell of the wet land around immediately after the first few rains!
Ahemmm,yes...So these two points drills down this post to two things i love the most in this world:
Food!!!(duh) and Nature,I'm so passionate about both.
Okay,so my last week was a heavy dosage of both the essentials Nature and Food,It was a perfect blend of both....The previous part of the same topic was my journey uptil the Riversedge resort in shivanasamudra.continues...................
So then,we reached this resort..from the outside it didn't draw my attention that much.This is what it looked like from the outside-

But to my surprise the interiors were freakin mind blowing!!

These were the rooms within the resort,really cool,pleasent and so damn cozy!

Hours passed by after we had our breakfast at Kamat,The hunger alarms were ringing again!!!
yes it was lunch time!!!And this time the lunch was arranged by the resort itself:

Although a simple looking meal,But seriously speaking ...this was one of the best Rice plate i had since loong time!!!! the items were similar to a Rice plate but with Extra non veg in it,There was White Rice,Sambhar,Pappad,And the best out of it all,yes: chicken sukka!!!!!!!!Burrrp...
After the lunch we had a dip into the near by river which had the water flowing from the humongous waterfalls Gaganachukki( Gaganachukki and Bharachukki are 2 of the waterfalls in shivanasumdra):
This was how the river looked like :

This dip was so soothing,trust me the more you keep yourself dipped into the water the more you feel relaxed,I was in the water for almost one and a half hours!!beat that!!
But it had to come to an end! sadly :( :( :(

The night which followed had something in store that i experienced for the first time in my life:
yes,"A BARBEQUE IN THE WILD".sorry..but didnt know what else to call it..hehehe

This was one of the pics of the barbecue i could get,the rest are a bit blur!!! was mouth watering!!!!!! hehehe...The chicken was tender and was marinated well!! This is what i call "spice of the nature"!!
And there was also...loads and loads of "BOOOZE"",hehehhee:

Phew!!! that was a long day!!and the end of the Day 1 at riversedge.

There was some visit to the falls (Day 2 )early in the morning"it seems",hehe...but i was sleeping my a$$ out....and got up directly for the breakfast,
And there it was......all breakfast plate!

A probable remark for the breakfast would be "awesome"!!! hehe,It was again a typical south indian breakfast ,consisting of Idly,vada,sambhar,chutney and Pongal!!!sigh! too good!
After the breakfast we just got together and had some funny chat,a bit of rest!An said our farewell to the RiversEdge people! Trust me they were really good hosts!!Everything in those 2 days was arranged in a timely manner!
Do check the webiste of riversedge :
Then around late evening we set our way back to Bangalore and had two more pitstops!! lol...yet again for food!!!hehehhehe.....One of them gave me an opportunity to taste "the" item Mysore and other places around are famous for i.e "THE MADDUR VADA",We stopped at a place called Hanchina mane!

This was it!!finally what i was dying to taste!!Maddur Vada!! hehe

And the other pitstop was to taste a famous place on the highway back to Bangalore called the "Taj Biryani Paradise"

Since everyone was tired we ordered a bit less!! But whatever he had (meaning Chicken Biryani and Chicken Kabab)
Again it was worth the price and worth a try!!!

WE quickly finished our plates and headed back!!!I was dropped back to the point from where i was picked!!! ahhh....then what! i caught an auto....went back home!!and ...slept!!!hahahha

Well,that was a long weekend i had..i swear it was one of a kind experience! Well i would like to conclude by saying : "Finish off whatever your plate has to offer you,coz food is not something that should be wasted,But dont do the same with Nature! coz Nature is something that needs to be preserved!" :-)