Donating through a Wordgame!! well,Isn't that amazing!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well,Before we start off our journey we thought it would be good to bring up something that would act towards a good cause! Let me put it this way:
Lucky are we to be fed on time,Because of which we have never experienced what is called "Starvation" ,But a coin always has two sides to it.There are lots of people who don't get to eat anything for days together !!not because they chose it that way,But because of pure unluck and misfortune.They cannot afford to fulfill their basic necessities(Among which "food" is the most important one).I'm aware of the fact that there are many websites which loot people in the name of donation,The result of which people have lost faith in what is called "Donating".They either do it because they are persistently asked to do so or to show off their status.But I came across a noble web site for the same cause of donation and fighting starvation,not by asking any money from anyone,but in its own unique way.By just playing a freaking word game!!!! yes that's right!!! if you dont believe me check it out yourselves:
Where in every correct answer you give,you end up donating 20 grains of rice to the needy! Do join them in this revolution ,Hope you can make atleast 20 grains of change to the world!! :-)

Response to stimulus..!

Response to stimulus is a renowned phenomenon, your senses respond when they meet with certain stimuli.WE have picked one of the senses called Taste!without the existence of which the "Biryani" available in your favorite eat-out,the "lazania" of the 5 star hotels would have never been termed as "yummy".Such is the importance of the sense called "Taste". This blog rips every aspect of Taste be it Home food,or outside food and presents it.As we(meaning Ashwin--the hogger,Ajay--the blogger) travel in search of the ultimate eat out place.
From the wast strech of this country,to places far away.Taste is one thing that differs from place to place.
The aroma,the spices,the techniques of cooking.Everything differs.Bangalore,Karnataka-is one such place which alone has around 2315 licnesed Bar and Restaurants(Dont ask me bout the others!!!,we only talk bout the food!! lol) and around 6000 hotels!! Surprisingly as per the latest report in the Times of India all this massive count of restaurants are looked over by only 4 food inspectors!Now that in itself is a startling fact!! I dont think our Taste buds will ever run outta options.So behold as our journey into the land of taste starts off soon,Stay tuned :-)