This will drive you Nuttssss!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our Indian food has a strong cultural background,Every cooking style and facet has a story or some myth behind it.In this post I have made an effort to bring up one such example.It's one of the renowned fests-The peanut fest!(Kadle Kaai Parse-in Kannada) of Bangalore and of the area i stay in(Basavanagudi).I was startled looking at the way this event had been managed in such an organised manner,And been a sincere spectator since 2 years!! Ajay totally missed it since he stays in Koramangala and was tied up with his own stuff.People from all over Bangalore flock in and around the Basavangudi temple area.

The main event happening in this fest is,People buying Peanuts from the hundreds of stalls,Mark my words "Hundreds" of stalls around the temple and offer it to the temple.This offering is considered to be a good deed and there's a belief that well being follows for the rest of the family once the offering is done! I surfed the whole place and found out that the peanuts sold were not only for the sake of offering,But is also ,meant for eating!!!
Yuppp!!! Then the foodie part of me took over and i immediately bought some,
I otherwise also like peanuts,this fest was just a reason!
The following are some of the pics of the peanut stalls...It was damn tough to get these considering the crowd.phew!

This was just the beginning!! as i moved ahead the pile was getting huger and huger!!

The stalls had lots of it! but it was getting sold out as well!

more ,more and more!!!!

I couldn't push any further,the crowd was really massive!

So,I just stopped right there.Hope I'll be able to reach till the temple sometime.heheheh,But will have to wait till next year :-)